Rainbow Connection


I am participating in a swap!

You can check it out here.  Isn’t Miriam lovely to organise this?

This is only my second swap ever.  I participated in one last year, which I put a huge amount of effort into.  I never did hear from the person I sent the parcel to, which actually hurt a wee bit.

Miriam has asked that we make sure to acknowledge the parcels this time round, which makes me willing to have another go.

If you have ever, or even if you have never, done a swap like this, you might recognise these steps I have quickly come to recognise…

Five stages of signing up for a swap.

1.  Excitement and enthusiasm:  I absolutely love giving gifts and putting parcels together for people, so nothing but yay here! 🙂

2. Commitment:  signing up, filling out the form, trying not to look fussy, or too serious.  Or a crazy fool.  (Which is basically my biggest fear through my whole life.)

3. Self doubt: receiving news of your swap partner, reading their blog, looking at their pinterest page.  Being overwhelmed by their creativity and  nice-ness.  How can I do them justice?  Will they like what I send?  Will it be enough?

4. Fun: shopping, making, putting the parcel together. Still maintains elements of (4).  However, this the most delightful part!

5.  Relief!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.04.23 PM

Tune in next time for some ‘before’ pics!

Swappy-poppy Super Sue x