Sooner or later…

What was that, you say?   It’s April?    I really should share my fox quilt shouldn’t I?

Here ’tis…screenshot of already awful photo.

But I do so love this quilt.  Had such fun making it, and now it is on the end of our bed. Makes me happy.  Can’t ask for better!

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 12.02.26 am

Happy Easter!

Tardy-wahdy Super Sue x


Here we are again…happy as can be…



And what a fine, fine January it is.   The summer has been so lovely, and this living at the beach such a good idea, that we’ve not yet packed the tent and headed away.  It seems such a waste when we live where people like to holiday.  And we do live right where people like to holiday.  The camping ground is our neighbour.

I’ve only just packed up Christmas.  Dry pine needles everywhere and a guilt pulsing from a pile of cards I have yet to deserve.

However, I have swum in the sea, watched late night movies and made a quilt.  Almost.  Just because it took my fancy.  Fancy fox, that is.

It is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern.  She writes them very well.  Not that it is complicated, but some pattern writers seem to be able to make them so.  Here is the picture from the pattern.  All credit Elizabeth Hartman.  I will post my own when I finish it.  Tomorrow.

I wish.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.54.18 am

(Why now?  You may ask.  Why another post now?  Because I’ve entered another swap, silly.  And I’m trying to be a proper blogger.  Hola, Helen, if you are reading this!)

Summery wummery Super Sue x

Too Busy Being Fabulous

Well, that’s how the song goes…

I don’t know about fabulous but I really feel busy.

Listing all the things I’m up to just won’t do at all.

But I can tell you what I’m busy not doing.

And that’s not being on facebook, not being on pinterest and not being on bloglovin’.

I’ve taken the month off.

I miss the blog reading most of all, pinterest just a little and facebook hardly at all.

The only thing I’ve really wanted to share was this little clip.  Cousin Matthew has had a bit of a change of scene.  If you are a Downton Abbey fan and know another, play this to them and see if they recognise him.  Such fun!

Sneaky-peeky Super Sue x




Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This is the fourth and final instalment of the Colour Swap.

I’ve sure made a meal out of it!

I hope I have managed to convey how much I enjoyed every aspect of the swap.

Sandra put together a special parcel for me, which arrived the day after I’d sent mine away to Leonie…


…and I opened it with glee.

Inside was…


Two fat quarters (adore) which recognised both my new interest in crochet and my colour loves (aqua and pink) and a fantastic patchwork book for my library, with ideas and colour options that are in vogue right now!

Cop a load of this:


I know!  Inspiration!


There was a lovely soft (aqua) flannel with soap and some gorgeous NZ lip balm which was used right then and there and ever since.  Sandra must have special powers because the handcream is Wildberry, which I hadn’t listed on my registration sheet, but is one of my all time favourite scents. Also in handbag now, being used!


Look at the wee kitten notebook (yes, in handbag too) and these lovely handmade cards.

(I put my favourite one on top, Sandra x).


And to top it off a lovely scarf with jewels attached and a big piece of yum.

(This may or may not be the original bar of chocolate Sandra sent.

The flavour is right on the money for me!)


Just look at all this!

Thanks so much, Sandra.  You’re a sweetheart!

Lucky-ducky Super Sue x

Indescribably Blue* (or, What I sent to my Swap Partner)

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.57.40 PM


I love the message above.

Just reading it makes me feel a little more gentle and a little less frowny.

I taped it to the front of the card I sent with Leonie‘s colour swap parcel.

It was a treat for me to be partnered with her, she is into so many things and we have a lot of joys in common.  Is that presumptuous?  Maybe so, but Leonie has been blogging for a while so there was plenty to go on.

She listed her love for a whole rainbow of colours, but being an aqua fan myself I went with that, with some teal thrown in for good measure.

(To tell the truth in the beginning I’m not sure I knew the difference, but I do now!)

So here what was under those wrappings (and again…sigh…sorry for the badly amateur photos):


First a little zip (haw haw) around the opshops, which garnered only a wee haul – teeny teal plastic beads, a vintage-ish zip and a table napkin, which was not perfectly perfect but added to the overall effect.

I thought, anyway…


I made a cloth for carrying baked goods (or wiping the floor..who’s to know…), a lavender heart sachet and a felt flower brooch.

Despite appearances all these were aqua or teal.


I had a lovely scrap of fabric from Auntie Cookie (it says ‘you clever thing you’).  I bought a frame at The Warehouse, which I thought was wooden and easy to paint, but turned out to be plastic (no shiz, Sherlock), so I really hope the paint hasn’t chipped off yet, Leonie!  I loved making the fimo beads…made some for myself in the process and have been wearing them all the time – the ideal foil when all of a sudden I have too much black on.


I cut some wee sets of fabric from my stash.  This was FUN.  Touching fabric is a favourite hobby of mine.


 Inside the zip pouch I put some spotty buttons, ribbon and a wee tape measure.  All purchased at my local small-town department store, Blackwells.  I hope wherever you live you have one of these shops.  The ‘Cheers’ theme almost does start playing when I walk in.  In my head, not in the shop.


Time to add a smiley diary, paperclips shaped like feet and teal nail polish.


It all packed perfectly into this wee case with just enough room for chocolate.

And it was on its way!

That was ‘cool fun’ as we say…

Next time I will show you what I got!

Thanks for being here,

Show-and-telly Super Sue x


*Can you believe someone wrote a song with indescribably in the title. I’m impressed.

(Elvis, no less.)

Please Mr Postman


Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 2.33.44 PM


Been a little time between talks.

Holidays tend to do that to me.

But I’ve got loads of pics.

Because I shopped, I made, I wrapped, I sent and I received.


Here’s what my gifts to Leonie looked like packaged up ready for the postie.

I’m guessing the colour choice is pretty obvious by now.



I did a little gulp as I handed it over the counter.

And then it was all in the lap of the gods.

Or NZ post.

Tune in next time when I will share what was under the wrappings.

Cherrio for now

Sendy-Wendy Super Sue x

Rainbow Connection


I am participating in a swap!

You can check it out here.  Isn’t Miriam lovely to organise this?

This is only my second swap ever.  I participated in one last year, which I put a huge amount of effort into.  I never did hear from the person I sent the parcel to, which actually hurt a wee bit.

Miriam has asked that we make sure to acknowledge the parcels this time round, which makes me willing to have another go.

If you have ever, or even if you have never, done a swap like this, you might recognise these steps I have quickly come to recognise…

Five stages of signing up for a swap.

1.  Excitement and enthusiasm:  I absolutely love giving gifts and putting parcels together for people, so nothing but yay here! 🙂

2. Commitment:  signing up, filling out the form, trying not to look fussy, or too serious.  Or a crazy fool.  (Which is basically my biggest fear through my whole life.)

3. Self doubt: receiving news of your swap partner, reading their blog, looking at their pinterest page.  Being overwhelmed by their creativity and  nice-ness.  How can I do them justice?  Will they like what I send?  Will it be enough?

4. Fun: shopping, making, putting the parcel together. Still maintains elements of (4).  However, this the most delightful part!

5.  Relief!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.04.23 PM

Tune in next time for some ‘before’ pics!

Swappy-poppy Super Sue x