Here we are again…happy as can be…



And what a fine, fine January it is.   The summer has been so lovely, and this living at the beach such a good idea, that we’ve not yet packed the tent and headed away.  It seems such a waste when we live where people like to holiday.  And we do live right where people like to holiday.  The camping ground is our neighbour.

I’ve only just packed up Christmas.  Dry pine needles everywhere and a guilt pulsing from a pile of cards I have yet to deserve.

However, I have swum in the sea, watched late night movies and made a quilt.  Almost.  Just because it took my fancy.  Fancy fox, that is.

It is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern.  She writes them very well.  Not that it is complicated, but some pattern writers seem to be able to make them so.  Here is the picture from the pattern.  All credit Elizabeth Hartman.  I will post my own when I finish it.  Tomorrow.

I wish.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.54.18 am

(Why now?  You may ask.  Why another post now?  Because I’ve entered another swap, silly.  And I’m trying to be a proper blogger.  Hola, Helen, if you are reading this!)

Summery wummery Super Sue x


2 thoughts on “Here we are again…happy as can be…

  1. Tracy says:

    Hi Sue, we have been partnered in Kimberley’s country swap and I thought I would pop over and say hi xx I’m looking forward to getting to know you xx loved your introduction post by the way xx fab! xx

    • Hey lovely! SO pleased to hear from you! I am feeling very privileged to be partnered with such a gorgeous & experienced blogger and swapper…this is going to be GREAT! x x x x

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