Indescribably Blue* (or, What I sent to my Swap Partner)

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.57.40 PM


I love the message above.

Just reading it makes me feel a little more gentle and a little less frowny.

I taped it to the front of the card I sent with Leonie‘s colour swap parcel.

It was a treat for me to be partnered with her, she is into so many things and we have a lot of joys in common.  Is that presumptuous?  Maybe so, but Leonie has been blogging for a while so there was plenty to go on.

She listed her love for a whole rainbow of colours, but being an aqua fan myself I went with that, with some teal thrown in for good measure.

(To tell the truth in the beginning I’m not sure I knew the difference, but I do now!)

So here what was under those wrappings (and again…sigh…sorry for the badly amateur photos):


First a little zip (haw haw) around the opshops, which garnered only a wee haul – teeny teal plastic beads, a vintage-ish zip and a table napkin, which was not perfectly perfect but added to the overall effect.

I thought, anyway…


I made a cloth for carrying baked goods (or wiping the floor..who’s to know…), a lavender heart sachet and a felt flower brooch.

Despite appearances all these were aqua or teal.


I had a lovely scrap of fabric from Auntie Cookie (it says ‘you clever thing you’).  I bought a frame at The Warehouse, which I thought was wooden and easy to paint, but turned out to be plastic (no shiz, Sherlock), so I really hope the paint hasn’t chipped off yet, Leonie!  I loved making the fimo beads…made some for myself in the process and have been wearing them all the time – the ideal foil when all of a sudden I have too much black on.


I cut some wee sets of fabric from my stash.  This was FUN.  Touching fabric is a favourite hobby of mine.


 Inside the zip pouch I put some spotty buttons, ribbon and a wee tape measure.  All purchased at my local small-town department store, Blackwells.  I hope wherever you live you have one of these shops.  The ‘Cheers’ theme almost does start playing when I walk in.  In my head, not in the shop.


Time to add a smiley diary, paperclips shaped like feet and teal nail polish.


It all packed perfectly into this wee case with just enough room for chocolate.

And it was on its way!

That was ‘cool fun’ as we say…

Next time I will show you what I got!

Thanks for being here,

Show-and-telly Super Sue x


*Can you believe someone wrote a song with indescribably in the title. I’m impressed.

(Elvis, no less.)


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