I go out walking ( not quite after midnight)…

I was talking with my extended family about winter.

My sister said she felt like we’d already had a lot of winter and that spring should be starting any moment.

I mentioned I was really enjoying winter this year.

(Which is a little funny because I have already had one winter.

But the English do winter so well, all lamps and Sunday walks and pub lunches and Christmas.)

I immediately wanted to eat my words because I realised I was the only one who didn’t have a full time job, meaning I can go for lovely walks at 2 o’clock on lovely winter afternoons if I wish.

But I have since realised that it isn’t that walk time that I love.

It’s when I go right on dusk.

There’s mist, maybe drizzle, there are fires and lights in windows.

Sweet melancholy.

I return home when it is properly dark, having said a personal goodbye to daylight.

I’ve heard that it is really good physiologically to be outside as day is breaking, but I like the other end too.



Night-time Walky Super Sue x


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