I’ve got $5 and it’s Saturday (night)

If I could choose to shop anywhere in the world it would be at a craft market.

I love them, really.  So much.

The night before a craft market is like Christmas Eve to me. Not adult Christmas Eve, either.

Proper excitement.

Like just got new shoes got to put them where I can see them when I wake up excitement.

Sometimes I sell at markets.  Because I want to be as much a part of it all as I can.

I just love that people make stuff.

Beautiful stuff.

Cute stuff.

Practical stuff.

I love that people make stuff then put it out for the world to see.

Do you like the stuff I make?

Is it of any use to you?

Is there a place for it in your life?

Do you like it or want it enough to buy it?

Brave, really.

So today I shopped.  I chose carefully.  I chatted and tried to let people know how much I appreciated their talent and that they chose to share it with me. I greeted friends who were selling and it thrilled me that they considered me to be like them.

Soul baring sellers.

Today my Christmas morning came in the form of the Encraftment Market.

Busy and crowded and making it all worthwhile.

Held two or three times a year in Christchurch, there are always many beautiful and yummy stalls.  Deliciousness all round.

Here comes the rat show…*



This gorgeous wee bird is by Debbie Porter.

Meet Debbie here.

Her whole body of work is inspired and I wanted a wee piece of it for me.


And oh oh oh was I Wowed by the amazingly original Off Beat stall.  This was a mere souvenir, I imagine there will be more Off Beat members of our family in the near future.

And oh oh oh was I WOW ed by the amazingly original Off Beat stall.

I spent many many moments gazing at the wonderful wood turned creations.  This dude was a mere souvenir,  I imagine there will be more Off Beat members of our family in the near future.

I also bought magical marshmallow from Sweet.   Mouth-melting yum in flavours like Lemon Lime and Bitters and Kahlua.  No ordinary stuff.

My junior companions also had fun with their purses of change.  Crayon rolls and bookmarks and another visit to Sweet.

We didn’t break the bank, but we did have fun.  We loved to look and we are chuffed with our purchases.


Proper shopping in my book.

Maybe we’ll cross paths at one one day soon.  Hope so.

Shoppy-woppy Super Sue x


* the term comes from a distant cousin of mine who told us that in her family they call shopping show and tells ‘rat shows’ after their cat’s habit of  killing mice and rats and lying them all out on the lawn in a row to be admired.

I know the photos are crap, but I refuse to get fussy over something that, at this stage, just isn’t being seen,  any present company please pardon 🙂


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